Welcome speech

Professor Anđelko Milardović, Ph.D., President

Welcome speech / Announcement of the Forum

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues

We are honoured to invite you to participate in The Second International Energetics Forum European Union – Eurasia Geopolitical Energetics Perspectives, that will take place on 27th and 28th September 2018 in Split (hotel Cornaro), organized by The Institute for European and Globalization Studies (www.inegs.com).

Forum will take place during time of great global geopolitical rearrangement, and confrontation of different subjects who follow their own globalization model or who oppose it.

It is difficult to separate Europe and Eurasia, since geographically and as a civilization, Europe is in fact Eurasia. It is sufficient to visit Istanbul and witness the meeting and merging of Europe and Asia in this megalopolis. Two worlds and two civilisations!

On the other hand, identity wise, Russia is also a distinct Eurasian world, stretched  between West (Europe) and East (Asia), as can be discerned from works of Danilevski, and particularly Nikolai Berdjajev who, in his book The Russian Idea, says: „Contardiction and complexity of Russian soul stems from the fact that in Russia two streams of world history – East and West clash and mutually interact. Russian people are not entirely European, nor entirely Asian. Russia is a distinct part of the world, great East – West, it binds togethet the two worlds. And there was always struggle of the two principles in Russian soul – Eastern and Western.“ (Nikolai Berdjajev. The Russian Idea. Basic Problems of Russian Thougt in 19th and early 20th Century. Prosvjeta, Beograd, 1987, page 8.)

No less interesting, observing from economic and geopolitical viewpoint, are relations of EU and recently established Eurasian Union influenced by Russia and ideology of new Eurasianism, compared to old, described by Philippe Moreau Defrages (Geopolitički rječnik. Centar za politološka istraživanja, Zagreb, 2006./ Geopolitical Dictionary, Center for Politological Researches, Zagreb, 2006). It is important to reconsider their interests in energetics sector, influence on South-East Europe and Republic of Croatia. Instead of conflicts and wars we favour economic „exchange game“ on the trail of Fernand Braudel, ingenious historian of civilisations, particularly the Mediterranean.

This year’s Forum is a follow-up of the First International Energetics Forum EU – Russia: Challenges and Possibilities in Energy Sector in South-East Europe, that took place at the same venue in September 2017, supported by the President of the Republic of Croatia Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, President of the Parliamentary Board for Foreign Affairs Miro Kovač, with patronage of Vice President of the Government of Republic of Croatia and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Marija Pejčinović-Burić, and with support from the Split-Dalmatia County and Municipality of Split.

The Forum will gather participants from academic, entrepreneurial, political and diplomatic communities who share interest in energetics policies. Opinions and comments related to last year’s Forum can be found at http://www.egforum2017.org/.


We are looking forward to your joining the Forum and your participation in discussion.

Professor Anđelko Milardović, Ph.D.

Director of International Energetics Forum